2/10/12 11:53 pm
Today is Uncle Jeremy’s birthday! Tonight, Skipper and I have celebrated with our two youngest children and their families. Before I finish writing, it will be Maggie’s birthday.
All of a sudden, it seems odd to try to write about Maggie without calling her “Mommy”. Yet, I have never called her that until very recently! Yes, my youngest offspring is now a Mommy. Wow.
So much has happened in the years since my children were babies. I realize, now, that as they were growing up, I never imagined what kind of parents they would become. I could never imagined how wonderful it is to watch them parent their own children. I am sure they will tire of hearing that before I tire of saying it.
Birthdays are milestones that every individual uses to mark the stages of their lives. It is VERY important to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments. We often don’t understand (until it is our turn) how good it feels to have one day each year that you are recognized for being special just for who you are. Gifts aside, it is awesome to have that one day when your parents remember the exact time and date you entered their lives.
It has been the most wonderful privilege to remember three human’s first breaths, first words, first steps and first everythings (well, almost everythings). It is probably a very good thing that I missed just a few of the firsts. :/
See the definition of sarcasm if you do not understand…
I am grateful for my own birthdays. I am also grateful that I am still young enough to celebrate what I hope to be many more birthdays. God has blessed me with an abundance of experiences and opportunities, some unfortunately wasted. Hopefully, I will not be wasteful with what I have coming in the future and that each birthday will see me grow as a person, wife, mother and grandmother.
Happy Birthday, Jeremy and Maggie! I love you to the moon and back!

2/11/2012  12:12 am


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